BIIST provides personalized solutions for the retail store industry which include innovative planning, system arranging, inventory control, asset administration and merchandizing systems. We increase performance of retail operations in terms of sale and supply. Our retail price management solutions helps retail industry to considerably increase retail operations and increase performance in managing difficulty of retail store operations.

Our retail price management systems are center of retail operations and play main role in improving pressure points in the retail sector. Our solutions maintains true - suppliers for managing their retail surroundings effectively in finding time bounds and turn into part of the problem rather than elements of the solution. Our specific solutions provide true value for retail store management programs that significantly influence cost of goods and innovative planning in retail system performance, inventory management and merchandizing things.

Our unique combination of retail management solutions are based on the core technology support beams of integrated retail operations, efficiency, performance and data statistics for retail industry help you in:

  • Creating market difference and enhancing client storage through smooth integration of channels
  • Improving inventory management utilizing customer data and actionable intelligence
  • Creating client loyalty through customized promotional activities
  • Providing retail based services to clients
  • Improving e-commerce programs with multichannel program processes to deliver smooth channel experience
  • Utilizing retail solutions to get higher Return on investment and achieve greater scalability, sociability and speed.