BIIST offers end-to-end incorporated solutions for life science technologies. Our alternatives enhance the efficiency of investigation organizations. We provide reliable solutions for care suppliers worldwide with continuous effort for better medical care results integrated with efficient and cost containment systems.

We work together with Lifestyle science technologies to meet present and growing needs of biopharmaceutical industry. We offer consulting services needed to support necessary sources in dealing with wide range of issues affecting company growth. We provide engineering consulting for established, early-stage and emerging life sciences companies right from inception to service offerings and product release. We are a group of experts with comprehensive experience in life science technology. We provide wide range of talking to services in addressing the need of assurance, taxes and personal advisory for increasing business.

Our solutions are simple, but offered with values; we provide talking to organization for making it much better at what it do. Our main capabilities in scientific functions are often best handled by technology driven solutions. We are team of knowledgeable and including for development and commercialization of health care technologies. Our solutions are enabled to support by providing skills and capabilities. We can reach technological innovation with capabilities and unique advantage of being able to provide solutions.

Example of medical positions:

  • Auditors (GMP and GXP)
  • Biochemists
  • Biologists (Molecular, Cellular, Micro, etc.)
  • Chemists (HPLC, GC, Bench, R&D, Organic and Analytical)
  • General Laboratory Technicians
  • Histologists
  • Lab Operators
  • Laboratory Assistants/Technicians
  • Medical Laboratory Technologists
  • Medical Technicians
  • Phlebotomists
  • Quality assuruance technicians
  • Quality control technicians
  • Validation Professionals
  • Toxicologists